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Granite Cobble Stone (Setts)

We have a large selection of granite setts in both rectangular or cubic in shape. Granite cobblestone are very durable in shape and can withstand large amounts of Traffic. Granite setts can be used in both traditional and modern settings.

Available colors :

Silver G603 / per m2
Yellow G682 /per m2
Black /per m2

Silver granite Split Finish Cobbles 

100*100*50 – 45 euro excl. Vat
200*100*50- 45 euro excl. Vat

Yellow granite Split Finish Cobbles 

100*100*50 45 euro excl. Vat
200*100*50 45 euro excl. Vat

Black Granite

Black Granite Cobble Setts
100*100*50 –out of stock

Silver/Yellow Granite Tumbled

200*100*50 50 euro excl. Vat yellow/silver